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  • Orders need 48 hours to process. Orders placed by 4:00 pm will delivery/ pick up in 48 hours. 

  • Orders placed AFTER 4:00 pm may take up to 72 hours. Please email with any questions or to confirm 48-72 hours delivery date.  

  • We make every effort to make our deliveries within 2-3 hours of the desired delivery time. However, this is not a guaranteed time window and some deliveries may take longer. For rush delivery or specific delivery time, please email to make specific arrangements for delivery after you have placed your order.

  • If nobody is home to accept the delivery, it is our policy to return it to the shop. We will only leave the delivery at the door unattended, only if instructed to in the comments section.

  • If a second delivery is required, additional charges will apply.

  • All flowers are not available year-round. We’ll do our best to provide flowers and colors similar to those pictured. Value size and design will always be present.

  • We do guarantee our flowers and plants for 48 hours .


       For more info, please email


Blush Flora is located in East Los Angeles, CA and hand delivers to all of Los Angeles. The minimum order for delivery is $50.00 plus tax and delivery fee ($15-20).  Please note that a delivery minimum increase may apply around certain holidays.

Including but not limited to the following areas:

  • East Los Angeles & Downtown Los Angeles

  • Hancock Park, Koreatown & Mid-Wilshire

  • Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, and South Los Angeles

  • Santa Monica, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Venice & Mar Vista

  • If your zip code is unavailable via our site, please email to see if an exception can be made. 

Delivery charges vary depending on traveling distance. For more information about local delivery services, please email inquiries:

Flower Care


​​Frequently asked questions about our floral arrangements.

"How to keep my flowers fresh and last longer?" Here are couple suggestions.​

1. Help your bouquet live its best life and keep it out of direct sunlight and extreme heat. In fact, both can dramatically shorten its lifespan in the vase. That means that sunny windowsill is off-limits, but three feet (or so!) away is a prime location!

2. Changing the vase water daily (or as often as you can possibly remember). Water changes reduce      bacterial growth which will help you to get the best bloom life from your bouquet.

The next questions is always, "How do I change the vessel water without ruining the design or harming the flowers?" 

First, bring your vessel arrangement to your kitchen sink and do one of the following instructions. 

  • If Oasis (green sponge in vessel) was used for your arrangement, gently push your stems to one side and carefully tilt your vessel to allow the used water to spill out. Make sure to not let any water drip onto the blossoms (especially if they're white or another light color) because this can damage the petals. Once you've disposed of the dirty water, refresh your arrangement by pouring fresh water via the same opening you made to spill out the dirty water. To prevent overfilling, check the moisture level of the Oasis by pressing down on the Oasis and water will either meet your finger or it will require more water.

  • If you have a loose arrangement (without oasis or florist tape), carefully grab the arrangement with one hand (if possible), and use your free hand to dump the dirty vessel water into the sink. Refill the vessel with fresh water and carefully place your arrangement in desired location keeping in mind not to place in a sunny or spot near a heat vent maybe located). Again, please keep out of direct sunlight.

  • If you have a kitchen sink nozzle, you can stick the head of the nozzle down into the arrangement and flush out the old water. Again, please be careful not to wet the petals of any blooms. 

  • For a little extra help you can dissolve 3 tablespoons sugar and 2 tablespoons white vinegar per quart (liter) of warm water. Let water chill by placing in refrigerator. After you have done the one of the above add this to the new fresh water.  ​


For more information or questions, please email

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